How we support our clients

We provide services that fuel a business from the inside out, creating a solid brand reputation and perception.

Management Education

Our intercultural inclusion training equips our clients with the knowledge and intelligence to engage diverse staff and clientele.

Resource Recruitment

We use inclusive recruitment strategies to support organizations. We source hardworking diverse talent who can enhance innovation, build a positive reputation, improve decision-making, and strengthen internal and external relationships.


With evidenced-based research  providing clients with relevant plans, our communications experts offer effective messaging and brand management.

Our Team Can Take You to The Next Level

We’ve learned that collective intelligence is the way forward in navigating business and organizational challenges. We work with a diverse team to support you in building a successful brand and operations.

How can we support you?

Lantern is a one-stop shop to reach your next level. Together, we can create a solid brand reputation and perception.

Intercultural Management Strategist & Educator

Yusuf helps businesses and organizations create intercultural inclusion strategies and processes to support a diverse workforce and clientele.


Visual Communication Expert

 Kristy is skilled in video + Photo, providing the high visibility asset to support brand success and enhance positive and relevant perception.

– Kristy

Intercultural Communication Ambassador

Hamama is a registered nurse who brings cultural intelligence to clinicians and organizations that need support navigating multicultural workplace relations.


Certified Immigration Consultant

Josiah is certified by Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC 711551). His expertise supports lantern Clients in the paperwork to bring skilled immigrants.